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If you are interested in joining the AJKA-I, you may do so online, 100% secured via Paypal:

We continually look to develop and strengthen our association of Shotokan clubs and practitioners. Our mission is to provide a combination of administrative independence and ongoing technical growth.

Please click here for an INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION and here for a CLUB APPLICATION


Benefits of AJKA-I membership include:

· Internationally recognized dan ranking and instructor certification – The AJKA-I prides it self on the fact that in this association, instructor ranking privileges are commensurate with recognized dan rank.
· Ongoing instructor development training, and general training seminars, held at various locati1ons throughout the country.
· Two specifically designed training camps – The Shotokan Winter Symposium is held in January/February, and National AJKA-I USA Summer Camp held at the end of June. Information and registration can be done via this website.
· Regional and national championship tournaments.
· Access to the highest caliber international competition through various international Shotokan karate competition venues.
· Most importantly; association, training and affiliation with like minded, serious shotokan practitioners, and access to an ever widening pool of outstanding, international caliber senior instructors.

Sal Lopresti
AJKAI-USA Director of Club Recruitment and Development